Young Woman Successfully Restrains Herself From Jumping Young Man

That awkward moment when you’re casually watching a skiing tournament  with your housemate…(need I say I was NOT in charge of the remote?) And he lashes out on the TV presenter going: “Stop talking! I wanna see some action!” My spontaneous answer in my head was “Well, why didn’t you just say so!!!” *followed by me jumping him on the couch*. Luckily (in this case) my mouth decided to go with “Patience, darling. Patience!” instead… See, sometimes I think the fact that my mouth seems to have a will of its own might actually be a good thing… :s Advertisements Continue reading Young Woman Successfully Restrains Herself From Jumping Young Man

Sliding Tights Cause Funny Walk

That awkward moment when you’re tights are sliding down your thighs… and they’ve managed to slide so far down they’re causing you to walk like someone who shat her pants! I’m walking even funnier now as I’ve realised they have a mahossive hole in them – right between the legs, slightly “bum-side” – that someone could possibly spot as my dress has a slit in the back…! Clever as I am though (or maybe just because I know me) I actually put a spare pair in my bag this morning ;)… Fingers crossed I don’t break them when I change! … Continue reading Sliding Tights Cause Funny Walk

When you can just sense that someone doesn’t like you…

You know when you can just tell that a certain person doesn’t like you? And you’re not sure why as you don’t even know each other? I usually just want to yell “I’m nice! I swear!” But does it really matter what people you barely even know think of you? Years ago, I probably would’ve said “Yes!”, but now…well, let’s just say I’ve come to realise it doesn’t really matter much at all. More times than none, these people have already made their minds up about who they think you are and there’s usually not a lot you can do … Continue reading When you can just sense that someone doesn’t like you…

Day-Dreaming In The Suburbs

Here I am, in the kitchen, cooking…while a fit guy (aka my housemate) is getting all “hot and bothered” doing The Insanity-Workout (making the entire house “vibrate”, I might add!) in the living room! Why am I here in the kitchen freezing my ass off? I should be IN THERE! Watching, with a bowl of popcorn….or possibly a fan…and some ice cubes….As I’d most definitely be getting all “hot and bothered” as well…in more ways than one….*dreamy face**sigh**cough cough*….Oh dear…I’m mad as a hatter, aren’t I?…Maybe the title of my memoirs should be “The mad hatter in the vibrating house”. Continue reading Day-Dreaming In The Suburbs

“Je suis une mouche”

Today’s “Positives” & “Negatives”: (+) Woke up in a good mood (-) Decided to “let one rip” (no joke!) before I left the house – thinking it was gonna be a silent/sneaky one but turned out it was one of those noisy ones – the sound echoed through the house! I’m SUCH a “classy lady” – NOT! I really do hope my housemate was still asleep! (+) The fit bus driver was working – so at least I got to “feast my eyes” on that before entering “eye-candy-starvation”-mode at work. (-) I had to eat my lunch with a teaspoon … Continue reading “Je suis une mouche”