Woman Has Close Encounter… With Tree Branch! 

Reports state that the young woman had just left her work when the event occurred.  The young woman was walking down the street, supposedly “fiddling” with her phone when a tree branch suddenly “hit” her “like a slap in the face” –  as the young woman put it. Sources claim, that this is not the woman’s first encounter with a tree branch. It has been suggested, however, that a young, semi-good-looking man may or may not have served as a distraction last time. The reason for today’s encounter remains unknown… Continue reading Woman Has Close Encounter… With Tree Branch! 

Woman’s Nerves Calmed By Tongue…

It is reported that a certain young woman has been extremely nervous this morning. The reason is said to be the pending inspection of her workplace. The young woman is said to be concerned regarding remaining professional throughout the week – especially after Friday’s incident – as she really doesn’t want to make a bad impression.  It is believed that the young woman’s director spotted this and stuck her tongue out at the young woman, causing her to laugh and ‘let her hair down’. “See, I always knew she wasn’t the ‘strop’ she tries to make herself out to be!” … Continue reading Woman’s Nerves Calmed By Tongue…

Attack Of The iPhone!

A young woman is reported to fear her iPhone is coming to life. This after the “voice control” she doesn’t even use has “gone bananas” for the second that over the space of just a couple of days. “At the flip of a switch, it’s like my phone just decides to mess with me! I don’t mind, as long as it doesn’t drag other people into it, but it DID decide to call my friend this morning – NOT ok!” the young wan said, visibly annoyed… Continue reading Attack Of The iPhone!

My (And I’m Sure Most Other Peoples’) Complicated Relationship With Other People

You know when other people are really REALLY annoying and you get really FREAKIN’ frustrated? When you can’t, for the life of you, understand WHY they HAVE to be so ANNOYING and you just wish they’d stop? Sound familiar? Yea…thought so… But why do we let other people get to us? I mean, we know we can’t change them, right? They’ll always be who they are. We know we need to accept them – and we do!… But they still annoy the crap out of us… Some for never shutting up, others for not talking at all. Some for never … Continue reading My (And I’m Sure Most Other Peoples’) Complicated Relationship With Other People

Young Woman (Nearly) Violates Co-Worker!

A young woman found herself in a bit of an awkward situation just after “go-time” at work this morning. The young woman was reportedly fiddling with her highlighter when she suddenly dropped the cap…..that (not so) conveniently ‘leaped’ to the floor and bounced in under her colleagues chair!  In a desperate attempt to retrieve the cap, the young woman rolled her chair up as close as she could, bent down and went “Don’t worry S…. I’m not trying to sit on your lap (or do anything else!), I just need the cap for my highlighter!”. Her colleague, who seemed to … Continue reading Young Woman (Nearly) Violates Co-Worker!

Heat Waves & Random Conversations About Pregnancy…

The sudden heatwave is reportedly getting to everyone this morning, seemingly killing off brain cells left and right!  The following conversation reportedly took place in an office somewhere in the UK earlier this morning:  Woman #1: “God! Imagine when I was pregnant with my twins… So many hands and feet wiggling around in there..,” Woman #2: “Well, there would only have been 4 hands and 8 feet, surely…?” Woman #1: “Yea…” Boi, we’d hate to think what two-armed, four-feeted creatures came out of her! Continue reading Heat Waves & Random Conversations About Pregnancy…

Fancy A Bit Of Zebra On This Fine Thursday Morning?

Latest news from “commuter-ville” this morning: A young woman is said to have been traumatised when a builder bent over in front of her on the bus, flashing a pair of zebra-patterned boxers!  “I really didn’t expect to have a bum shoved in my face, let alone a ‘zebra-bum’!!” The somewhat shocked wan said after the incident. It is reported, however, that the young woman didn’t suffer any long-lasting damage after the incident. This as the trauma is said to have been ‘countered’ by the übercuteness of a little girl in a princess dress! Continue reading Fancy A Bit Of Zebra On This Fine Thursday Morning?