Woman Tries To Sneak Out Of House – Fails Miserably! 

Around 10 PM on Friday, the young woman at Number 28 reportedly tried to sneak out of the house to go meet a friend.

The rest of the inhabitants are reported to all have gone to bed, hence, all the lights in the house were turned off. Not wanting to disturb or alarm anyone (in her own VERY unthought-through-way!) the young woman decided to use her iPhone as a “light” when trying to find her flip flops (this was reportedly after stumbling down the stairs, missing a step or two because she couldn’t see).

If the young woman manage to sneak out discretely? – Not exactly. While frantically searching for her flip flops, the young woman is reported to have accidentally hit a button, causing the “voice control” on her phone to switch on. In the seconds that followed an animated woman’s voice could be heard, repeating “calling P – iPhone” (P, as in the young woman’s previous landlord) over and over again. As the young woman desperately tried to cancel the call, the phone reportedly started dialing. In panic, the young woman is said to have skipped down the last flight of stairs, where she managed to find her work-shoes, allthewhile desperately trying to switch her phone off before stumbling out the front door.

“I’m not sure it went to voicemail – I hope not!!! I mean, I only saw him yesterday! The last thing I need is for him to think I’m some kind of stalker! And I must’ve made a fabulous impression on my new landlady and her kids! ‘Calling P – iPhone’!!!  Kill me now!…I really hope they were all fast asleep and didn’t hear anything!” The young woman said after the incident, hiding her face in her hands, seemingly wanting to sink into the earth with shame. Reports from this morning, however, state that, even though still incredibly embarrassed, the young woman is finally able to see the funny side to the whole incident.


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