Young Woman Stuck On Bed!

In the early hours of this morning, it is reported that a certain young lady got stuck on her bed. Sources claim the cause of this incident was the young woman’s outfit.  The young woman reportedly decided to make her bed, having already put on her semi-tight work outfit. After having only just mounted the bed, the young woman found herself stuck…on all fours right in the middle of the bed! Unable to reach out in any direction, the young woman eventually fell over on her side, where she ended up wriggling around like a worm in heat trying to … Continue reading Young Woman Stuck On Bed!

Silence & Shock Follows Random Conversation About Implants In The Workplace 

It was just after start time this morning that a work related conversation led onto a random conversation about implants. For those of you who have been following this certain young lady, her ‘input’ in the conversation below will hardly come as a surprise… Manager #1: “Implants? Are we talking boobies?” Manager #2: “Boobies, testicles, bums, noses…” Young Womam: “Anything..  Grabbable… ” *makes grabbing  gesture* Silence reportedly followed as the shocked managers looked at the equally shocked young woman…. Once the shock subsided they all had a quiet giggle and went back to work. When asked about the incident, the … Continue reading Silence & Shock Follows Random Conversation About Implants In The Workplace 

“Banana Pinching”-Comment Causes Choking 

It is reported to have been around lunchtime today, when a certain young woman witnessed an interaction between two of her colleagues, that caused her to choke on her soup… Through no one’s fault but her own! The young woman was just about to head back to her desk after her lunch break when she overheard the following conversation between her colleagues: Colleague #1: “Right, I’ll go get some change, can you watch my stuff” (referring to a phone, sandwich and a banana on the table) Colleague #2: “Sure… But what if I ‘pinch’ your banana…?!” This is reportedly when … Continue reading “Banana Pinching”-Comment Causes Choking