I’ve Joined The Club..

If I ever thought I’d get signed off work due to stress/anxiety at the age of 26? – NO! I mean, does anyone? It’s something that happens to OTHER people, possibly something I’ve though might happen in a VERY (VERY!) distant future but not something I thought I’d ever see happen so soon.  I’ve been off work for a week now, I’m on anti-anxiety meds and pending my first counseling session and I know I’ll be ok. But what I find scary is that I know I’m not the only person with this problem – far from it! Almost everyone I … Continue reading I’ve Joined The Club..

One Woman’s Stalker, Another Woman’s Crush..

Reports this evening state that a certain young woman has fallen in love with a stalker. To her utter aggregation, however… The stalker in question…is stalking another woman! “She just doesn’t appreciate him! I’d let him stalk me any day – I wouldn’t put up a fight at all!” Word on the street is that the stalkers lack of interest in this certain young woman has been caused by her coming across as to “needy”… Continue reading One Woman’s Stalker, Another Woman’s Crush..

Young & Younger… & The Monstrous Eight-Legged- Creature 

Just after 10PM this evening a certain young woman was casually say knitting in her room (like the 80-year-old woman she is so trying to avoid to be!), when something strange happened…. All of a sudden, the young woman heard the younger woman, living under the same roof, calling her from her bedroom. “Young” replied and the following conversation followed”: Young: “Yea?” Younger: “Can you come and help me please?” Young: “Yea ok…” Younger: “Please hurry… There’s a spider in my room and I can’t get out!” Young: “Oh dear…” *starts walking towards ‘Youngers’ room* ” Where is it?” Younger: … Continue reading Young & Younger… & The Monstrous Eight-Legged- Creature 

Stranger Involuntarily Becomes Witness To Nose-Poking..

It was reportedly just after 5PM today that a random stranger became an involuntary witness to the nose-poking session if the century. The young man is believed to have been on his way home from work when he happened to stumble upon a certain young woman (also very much on her way home from work). It was only as he walked past her, in a desperate attempt to get inside and avoid the chilly weather, that the young man caught a glimpse of the young woman POKING HER NOSE! We have been unable to get a hold of the man … Continue reading Stranger Involuntarily Becomes Witness To Nose-Poking..