Young Woman Has Epiphany In Tight Jeans

Earlier this evening, as our dear young woman was on her way to her local Sainsbury’s to get some Friday-Night-Junk (i.e Sweets, chocolate, crisps and other unnecessary necessities), she is reported to have had somewhat of an epiphany.  Walking down the street, the young woman realized she was feeling extremely uncomfortable in the jeans she had just put on (the black pair she hardly ever wears). It dawned on her that her jeans appeared tight in a VERY unusual way. “It was like they were tight in the front as opposed to over my bum – like just over where … Continue reading Young Woman Has Epiphany In Tight Jeans

Young Woman Outsmarted By 3-Year-Old!

After work today, the young woman at Number 28 came home to find her landlady’s little 3-year-old granddaughter stood on a chair by the sink washing something. Upon seeing the young woman, the little girl kept off the chair and across the floor, grabbing the young woman’s hand a dragging her with her to the sink. There it became apparent that the little girl had been washing her sweets (as she didn’t like the green ones!).. As the little girl disappeared for a few seconds it is reported that the young woman sat down to catch her breath after a … Continue reading Young Woman Outsmarted By 3-Year-Old!