Familiar (& Somewhat Hunky) Bus Driver Raises Young Woman’s Self-Awareness

In the (inhumanly) early hours of this morning, it is reported that our dear young woman started her journey home to celebrate Christmas with her beloved ‘famalam’.

Just about avoiding the torrential rain, it is reported that our young woman made it to the bus stop to catch her coach in plenty of time. When the coach finally arrived and the driver got out, the young woman realised he was actually quite familiar. “To be honest it didn’t really hit me until he looked at me like he recognised me. That’s when it dawned on me that he’s been driving the last 3-4 times I’ve taken the coach to the airport.” The young woman said, unable to hide her disbelief behind her tiredness. “… If anything I’d say this makes me realise how predictable I am… I mean, I ALWAYS take the same coach to the airport – like, at the same time – and I obviously realise now that this must be his ‘shift/route’… I just hope he doesn’t think I’m stalking him…”


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