Young Woman Nearly Scared To Death By Stranger On The Roof!

Earlier this afternoon, the young woman at Number 28 is said to have nearly been scarred to death by a stranger.

When the incident occurred, the young woman was reportedly in the bathroom on the second floor, about to ‘throw in the towel’ and get into the shower. “I turned around and saw this neon-coloured thing in the corner of my eye! Turns out it was a man working on the neighbors roof…That was a VERY close call! I really wouldn’t want to be responsible for flashing/ traumatizing a stranger to the point where he falls off a roof and dies! I can live with a lot of things but that’s DEFINITELY NOT one of them!”

The young woman is said to have recovered fro the shock, having taken proper precautions to make it into the shower unnoticed. She is now said to be resting in her home and will remain in bed for the rest of the evening.


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