WEATHER UPDATE: Frank’s Prolonged Stay Causes ‘Friction’ In Suburbia…

Reports just in suggest that frustration levels in suburbia are on the rise. This as more and more people are beginning to feel that ‘Frank’ has, indeed, overstayed his welcome.

Further reports also claim that certain members of the public are not coping with said frustration as well as others. This news comes after a woman was heard speaking to ‘Frank’ as if he was a ‘living creature’. A witness says “She was taking the garbage out and before she went inside she stopped and went ‘Frank, would you be a dear and f*** off!’ begore breaking out in an ‘aggro-dance’ on the spot…”. Upon reaching said woman for a comment, her only answer was “He’s like an annoying relative overstaying his welcome and I’ve had it! He’s kept me from my beach walk for two days -TWO DAYS! If he was a real man if kick him in the nuts!”.

‘Frank’ is reported to have calmed down a bit after the incident. It is, however, not yet known if he has fully ‘gotten the message’. 


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