GP Flashed By Young Woman!: “He Asked For It!”

 Reports from earlier this evening state that a certain young woman may have traumatised her GP… By flashing the poor man!

The young woman was reportedly there seeking advise regarding another matter when she thought she’d kill two birds with one stone. “See about 8-9 years ago, I had my belly button pierced for the first time. After about 3 years, the hole (and the piercing) started migrating ‘outward’ so I took it out. I think I waited for it to heal for about a year – as I wanted to have it redone – but the whole never closed up. I went to a studio and they said they could pierce it again but that it would have to be ‘behind’ the old hole and, keen as I was, I agreed! It’s about 6 years on now, and ok sick of that extra hole! So I thought, ‘he’s a doctor, I’ll ask his advice!’… And that’s when he said he wanted to have a look at it…” The young woman said, blushing for no apparent reason.

As the young woman carries on her story, however, the cause of her slight embarrassment becomes quite clear. Having worn a pencil skirt to work, and not had time to change before her appointment, the only way off showing the doctor her bellybutton was to pull her shirt upwards! “There was no wait I could bull the waist down to show my tummy – the skirt was just too tight! Lucky I was wearing black tights underneath… But the poor man still saw waaay nor than I (and I’m sure HE) had bargained for!”

A couple of hours later, still with an extra hole in her bellybutton, the young woman is now said to have recovered from most of the embarrassment. She does, however, let slip that she is intending on spending the evening  watching TV in the company of a tub of (coconut & vanilla) frozen yoghurt. The public is asked to defect the young woman’s privacy at this time. 



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