Young Woman’s Brain Still Lives In 2015

Reports from earlier this morning suggest that a certain young woman’s brain still appears to be living in a fantasy world caught in 2015.

The young woman was reportedly trying to filter a report when she noticed something funny about the date. “Today’s the 14th and it’s a Thursday, but it kept showing as Wednesday.”

Calling tech-support in a frenzy as she was approaching her deadline, both her and the woman on the other end of the line spent a good couple of minutes trying to figure out the issue.

 After a few minutes of utter confusion, the lady in tech-support is said to have figured out the issue. “I’d put in January 2015 instead of 2016! I was SO embarrassed! But at least we had a good laugh…” The young woman said, letting out a sigh while trying to stifle an embarrassed giggle.


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