Young Woman’s Day Dreaming On Yoga Mat Nearly Leads To Snooze-Fest… 

Reports from earlier this evening claim that the young woman at Number 28 nearly reached new levels in the art of ‘falling asleep ANYWHERE’! 

Coming home from work, insanely tired, the young woman decided to make up for her ‘slacking’ over the weekend, and so, decided to partake in a little ‘stretch & bend’ (commonly known as Pilates in most other households). 

Resting after the ‘100’, gathering strength to commence ‘rolling like a ball’, the young woman is reported to have been caught up in a day dream. It is not known how long the woman zooned out for – or what she was, in fact, daydreaming about. We are, however, able to confirm that it was the buzzing of her phone that brought her ‘back to reality’. We can only speculate as to what would have happened, had the young woman not received the ‘timely’ notification…


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