Young Woman Makes Mental Note For Potential Future ‘Emergency Scheming’… 

Just after lunchtime today, a random conversation is reported to have taken place in the office, leading a certain young woman to hatch – and make a mental note – of a cunning plan (for future use).

The young woman and two of her colleagues had been engrossed in conversation for a few minutes when the older colleague suddenly went “Oh, where’s (third colleagues name)? Has she gone home? I didn’t realise she wasn’t there as I don’t have my glasses on…”.

Later on, when asked about the incident, the young woman said “I know it’s a mean and childish plan… But if I ever feel like skiving off work when it’s just the two of us in, I could just hide her glasses and she’d never know! I know, I know… Even thinking it makes me a horrible person…”


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