“The Fluff Struggle”-Today’s (Thursday) ‘Faux Pas’

We’ve all been there once or twice – that moment when you do something awkward, unaware that someone’s watching you – but a certain young woman is said to have, unintentionally, taken it to a totally different level in the office today.

Having ‘fended off’ fluff from her pink scarf all morning, the young woman noticed yet another piece as she was by the sink making drinks. The stubborn piece of fluff has latched onto the ‘crotchular’ area of the young woman’s trousers and it took some severe and lengthy (and totally innocent!) rubbing and pinching to get if off. 

The relief of having accomplished her ‘mission’ is reported to have been short-lived when the young woman turned around to find herself in full view of a meeting room filled with people. “There’s nothing quite like turning around to find yourself in full view of 8 people who may or may not have seen you ‘rubbing’ your crotch, I tell you! I think I’ll just remain at my desk for the rest of the day as a ‘precautionary measure’…”


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