Sunday-Tomato-Epiphany In Suburbia

As Sunday apears to have been deemed the mandatory weekly shopping day in suburbia, it was hardly surprising to find most of the population in the local Tesco on this fine Sunday.

Drama is reported to nearly have erupted in the vegetable aisle, when a certain young women found her access to her beloved cherry tomatoes blocked by an older woman. “I shit you not, she was taking ages! Picking up EVERY pack and watching it closely…She just wouldn’t MOVE!”

After this tiny fit of outrage – brought on by hunger and sleep deprivation – the young woman is said to have had an epiphany. This as she, upon reaching her beloved tomatoes, found herself carefully inspecting multiple packs looking for the best one… Just like the old lady… “Ok… So I was being a bit of a ‘hypocrite’…”.


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