‘The Perks Of Being A Lodger’

News just in from Number 28 claim that our dear young woman appears to have successfully scared the son of the house without even meaning to. 

As the young woman reportedly entered the house after her walk, yelling her usual “Hello” to check if someone is home, she was surprised by the sudden response. As she walk up the stairs, she could hear the son of the house going “Uhm… Who is it?”. Upon seing the young woman, the boy is said to have looked relieved as he said “I SERIOUSLY thought it was my mum just there…”

When asked about the incident a while later, all the young woman said was “I don’t know what to say. Guess my cold must be making me sound like her! He looked as if he’d been ‘caught in the act’ but he was only making a sandwich. See the perks of being a lodger is that I walk into all these situations and hear so much but I have no idea what any of it means so it doesn’t bother me… I know it sounds weird… But it’s kind of nice… I’m like the fly on the wall who knows everything but never says a word…”, with a secretive smile on her lips. 


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