The Dreaded ‘V Day’


I can’t say Valentine’s Day has ever bothered me THAT much before. But, this year seems to be different. The other day, just the view of the Valentine’s Day shelf in Tesco was enough to make me feel nauseous. For the first time in a long time, I found myself in the shoes (or, in my case, high heeled boots) of those fellow singletons who dread the cheesy V Day EVERY YEAR (looong before it even comes around).

See, before, Valentine’s Day has just been a day like any other to me. Yes – I have been slightly more reminded of he fact that I AM ALONE, but it’s never really bothered me (except for possibly ONE year where I found myself in a club, drunk dancing to Robbie Williams’s Angels with my gay friend – couples making out all around us!). If I keep distracted (hanging out with friends or doing everyday stuff like cleaning) it seems to be over before it’s even started.

I’m not sure why it’s made me queasy this year… And I don’t intend to spend my time dwelling on it either – I mean, what good could it possibly do?  So what if the only person who calls me ‘babe’ on a daily basis is my female colleague who’s old enough to be my mom? Do I wish it was a halfnaked hunk with Channing Tatum’s face and Zac Efron’s body instead? – Of course I do! But I can’t change the situation so I may as well accept it and ‘roll with it’ (even if I’m more of a ‘soggy cherry tomato’ than a ‘shiny, bouncy apple’ rolling across the carpet).

Despite this years ‘V Day’-nausea, I plan to do what I always do – buy myself a pressie and a bottle of vino before snuggling up for a ‘movie date’ with a hunk of my choosing…Zac…Channing… Scott Eastwood… Chris Hemsworth, maybe…

Screw Valentine’s Day… I’m going to celebrate m own ‘Va-va-voom’-Day…. Just because I can… 😉



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