You Know That Awkward Moment When Your Date Is Hotter Than You Thought He’d be…

… And it completely ‘throws you off’, because you expected to be disappointed…?! (What a world we live in, ey?!)

What I did? – Suffice it to say I giggled uncontrollably because of the awkwardness and blabbed about anything and everything between heaven and earth to avoid any form of awkward silence – even going as far as saying “Gosh! This is awkward!” – there was no shutting me up! How I responded to his never ending compliments? – With a shoulder twitch and a nonchalant “Well.. I try..”, “I have my moments..” or “Good…”. What’s wrong with a simple “Thank you”? – Nothing whatsoever!

I think that could possibly have been the first AND LAST time I saw Mr.HunkyDunkyFitMesiter. But I guess time will tell… With any luck he saw my little ‘kinks & quirks’ as ‘endearing perks’ and, if not, I guess we’re both destined for ‘greater things’… 😉



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