Reports Of Paranormal (Boob)Activity!

This morning, reports of a slightly disturbing nature reached is from Number 28. This as it was claimed that our dear young woman had made a terrible mistake when getting dressed.

Witnesses claim that the young woman, in a rare attempt to put fashion before function, decided to go for a wireless bra with no padding. However, no sooner had she left the house than she realised her ‘mistake’. “Well, what can I say? It’s Friday! I wanted to ‘spice things up a bit’ and what better way of doing it than with a black lace bra? I know no one at work would see it but at least I’ll know it’s there!” The young woman said in her defence, as sources close to her claim she’s walking around somewhat slower than usual due to the ‘paranormal activities’ occurring around her chest area.

“They’re seriously bouncing around like tennis balls! I’m afraid they’ll ‘roll out if the (snazzy lace) bag any minute… They’re out of control!… And really not as perky as they once were!” The young woman says, trying to hide her disappointed. A witness has claimed hearing the young woman say she will never make an attempt like this ever afain. The accuracy of this information is, however, yet to be confirmed.


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