I Know Age Is Just A Number… So WHY (Oh Whyyy) Do I Regularly Freak Out About My Age?


220a547cae562247dc672206c0c022dbI’ve joked a lot with my colleagues – who are mainly older woman (I say ‘old’ but mid 30s to mid-late 50s)- about how I age about 10-20 years every time I come to work because all they ever talk about are kids and grandkids and looking after their parents. I don’t mind any of it, but it’s really not things I can relate to. Two things all of us do have in common though is that I suspect we ALL get annoyed with each other, but also break down in fits of laughter EVERY DAY!

The latter is really one of the things that make me realize that age is just a number – doesn’t matter if you’re in your mid twenties, like me, or over 50 – chances are some of the same worries will still be there and that you’ll find the same things annoying and equally hilarious! So why does the oh so familiar stress about my age still come over me?

When I think about it, I believe it all, subconsciously, has got something to do with the ‘plan’ I had for myself…when I was about 14!!! The plan that has, to a certain degree, stuck with me for most of my life (even though ages and time frames may have moved around slightly). The plan where, if not be married with at least one baby, I’d at least be in a serious relationship by now. The plan where I would also have found my dream job and travelled the world by the time I was 30 – I know! My 14-year-old self was VERY realistic…NOT! But, as much as I know that, it’s clearly still stressing me out that I’m not where I thought or dreamed I’d be.

Guess I just need to get over myself. Just because I’m not where I bought I’d be doesn’t mean I’m ‘off track’. Everything happens the way it’s supposed to and nothing ever goes to plan anyway so I should just chill. AGE IS JUST A NUMBER. In this day and age people live longer and longer, which means I’ll probably live till I’m at least 100 (no doubt working till I’m at least 90) – which means I’ve got plenty of time. Which is why I should just enjoy life now and have faith in the fact that I will have it all…SOMEDAY…



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