Young Woman Suffers ‘Brain-Freeze’ And Posts Birthday Card WITHOUT Stamp! Her Defence: “I Have No Defence! Unless Being Me Counts…?”

Reports just in claim that our dear young woman at Number 28 has suffered yet another faux pas on this fine Tuesday evening.

Sources close to the young woman claim it wasn’t until say snuggled up in a chair, wearing her PJs, sipping on a cup of tea and watching Happy Valley that the young woman realised what had come to pass. Upon seeing stamps on the screen, it suddenly dawned on her that she couldn’t remember having put a stamp on the birthday card she had been seen posting earlier this evening. “Omg! It’s basically like saying ‘Happy Birthday!… Now pay your own god damn postage…’. God, could I be more dim?! I can’t even blame having a lot on my plate – I’m on leave!”


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