Young Woman Scared By ‘Invisible Couch Chameleon’

News just in from Number 28 confirm that our dear young woman’s mood state on this fine sunday can be summarized in one work: JUMPY. It is unknown whether the young woman’s present mood state is the cause or effect of her recent encounter with the son in the house. 

Earlier today, witnesses claim the young woman appeared relieved when skipping (as well as can be expected with a hoover in one hand) down the stairs, having just finished cleaning her room(s). Upon reaching the kitchen she found it seemingly empty which sources close to the young woman claim suited her as she has had her heart set on spending her Sunday in her own company. A voice, which the young woman assumed came from the other room, said “Hi, how are you?”. “I could hear it was the son in the house – I assumed he was on the phone to one of his friends.” The young woman said. It was only after she had put the hoover down that she realized the voice hadn’t come from the other room. Startled, she realized that the voice had, in fact, come from the sofa right in front of her. “I totally jumped and he started laughing. We seem to have a habit of scaring each other. Well, I suppose I’m usually the one scaring him so I guess I had it coming. That boy could seriously get a job as a couch-chameleon!”


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