Young Woman Caught ‘Skirt Fiddling’

During the course of the morning, it was reported that a certain young woman had been spotted behaving somewhat ‘indecently’ on a walking path in the middle of ‘some(rather than ‘no)where’.

Trying to defend her actions, the young woman said “What was I supposed to do? The inner fabric on my skirt kept travelling up – it looked like I was wearing a diaper! So when the coast was clear I decided to stop and try to pull it down…”. Unfortunately for the young woman, the very moment when her hand travelled up under her skirt, a stranger turned the corner. It is reported that this caused the young woman to abruptly seize what she was doing, ‘pull out’ her ‘innocent face’, and carry on walking. 

The stranger, who is said to have scored the title ‘Average Hunk’ on the ‘Hunk’-Scale, is not believed to have suffered any sustainable trauma, but remains under observation as a safety measure.


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