Why Am I So Sentimental About Underwear?

Panties that are over 6 years old – some with holes in them, that it would definitely be ok to THROW OUT – yet, when it comes to actually doing it, I’m surprisingly sentimental. Why? Of all the things to get attached to, why an old pair of ‘granny-panties’ from 2008?

I used to tell myself it’s because ‘I don’t have time’ to clean out my undie drawer. But maybe the truth is I don’t want to! The thing is, we’ve been through a lot, my undies and I – Through thick & thin (tights), through bumpy (plane) rides & smooth ones, through dry paths and bikini waxes, sweaty workouts and attempted ‘twerkouts’! My bras have been my trusty companions on night out – hugging my ‘tata’s in the ‘loneliest hours’ and keeping them from popping out…

Maybe I should ‘recycle’ what I can? I mean, a bra could make a decent eye-mask right? or nice padding for my bum?



6 thoughts on “Why Am I So Sentimental About Underwear?

  1. You are too funny, but it’s true and if you throw any unmentionables in the ever so even more unmentionable trash you feel guilty…like i could have gotten 1 more year out of the boulder holder that has a safety pin in it.

    1. RIGHT!!! LOL!!! Lately, I have at least moved on to thinking “if I die and someone finds me in these…I WILL DIE!!” I think that is getting me closer to tossing old undies.

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