Young Woman Shocks Everyone (Herself Included) By Predicting A ‘Near Tumble’ Down The Stairs!

Earlier this evening, our dear young woman at Number 28 shocked her fellow inhabitants AND herself by making prediction that caused her to (jokingly) be branded a witch by the son of the house.

Upon her return home from work, the young woman is said to have got caught in the kitchen speaking to her landlady. This is when the landlady’s son reportedly decided to drop some laundry off upstairs. Being weary that her handbag and jacket were both placed on the second step, the young woman decided to move closer to the stairs in an attempt to ‘remind’ the son of this fact when coming down again. while doing this, witnesses claim the young woman attempted a joke by saying “I’m just going to stand here as I suspect he might stumble down the stairs otherwise!”.

What happened next is reported to have shocked everyone. No sooner had the words escaped the young woman’s mouth before the son slipped on the top step upon beginning his decent down the stairs. The young man slid down the stairs, but thanks to the carpet and the young woman’s handbag, he is reported to have managed to escape unharmed. However, witnesses claim that the silence that followed before the slightly nervous/shocked laughter set our dear young woman’s paranoia off! “I mean, seriously?! Talk about bad timing! The last thing I want to do is make them ‘fear’ me! We were all trying to joke about it but it was seriously creepy. I suppose I can take some comfort in the fact that my bag actually ‘cushioned the blow’ rather than cause it!”.


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