Growing Up In Love

I suppose you’ve grown up a bit in terms of your love life when the sole face that a guy is superhunky isn’t ‘enough’ for you to remain interested anymore…

… Or when it dawns on you that you don’t even have the energy to ‘hook up’ properly anymore – meaning that 9PM is ‘too late’ to consider going to someone’s house for a ‘booty call’ because you’d rather get your beauty sleep – and when just being a ‘booty call’ really doesn’t interest you as much as it used to. When you’d rather meet someone who wants to hang out with you in broad daylight rather than at night – someone who isn’t afraid to be seen with you. Someone who gets your sense of humor and won’t be scared of by your ‘premenstrual monster’.

I can’t be bothered to pretend to be someone I’m not anymore and I must say I like it! I’ve grown up a lot when it comes to love in the last couple of years, and I suppose it’s really gone hand in hand with my learning to love myself. I know what I want and what I deserve (vs what I don’t deserve). I know I’m not the hottest chick on the planet, but I’m comfortable with my own skin and I don’t take any s*** anymore…Boi, if my 16-year-old self had known what I know now…*sigh*



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