‘Death By Laughing’ Nearly Caused By Pug-Attack!

The young woman is said to have nearly ‘dropped off’ around lunchtime today, this after reports claim she was ‘jumped’ by an enthusiastic pug.

The said ‘attack’ reportedly occurred when the young woman returned from a trip to the beach (reasons for the journey are unknown but are said to have been strictly for recuperating purposes).   “Upon walking up the stairs I started to hear heavy breathing… Followed by barking… And then there she was! Millie the pug! Barking at me with her little wrinkly face!”.

As the young woman tried to control her giggles, while letting the little pug chase her up the stairs, her landlady was heard to say “I don’t know if you’ve met, but this is Millie…. Just ignore her! She’s got ‘short-girl-complex’…”


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