Young Woman Gets Into ‘Argument’ With Cartoon…

An argument is said to have broken out in the lunchroom in an unknown office building around lunchtime today… Between a young woman and a cartoon!

We have been unable to reach the cartoon for a comment after the event. The young woman is, however, adamant that said cartoon is to blame for the ‘argument’. “I didn’t do anything. I was sat there, minding my own business, getting on with my regular lunchtime French studies. Then, all of a sudden, this… This CLOWN pops up on my screen, claiming to be ‘un homme parfait’ (a perfect man)…”

When carefully asked whether she thinks she may have done something to upset the cartoon, the young woman’s only comment is said to have been “Oh please! NO! I merely said I thought he was a bit full of himself… I mean, who is he to say that he’s perfect! No one is… Right?” 

The young woman has since admitted that she may have overreacted (what with the statement only being a random sentence put together for educational purposes). However, this did not occur before the cartoon got his revenge – crashing the app so the young woman had to redo the unit!



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