Young Woman Takes ‘Away With The Fairies’ To A New Level

News report of a certain young woman being severely distracted today – so much so, she is said to have brought the expression ‘away with the fairies’ to a whole new level!

This news reportedly comes after the young woman’s attention visibly ‘floated away’ (out the window and up towards the sky) while she was having a conversation with one of her colleagues. 

When jokingly confronted about her lack of attention (asking if she was indeed away with the fairies) the young woman’s exact words are reported to have been “No, no!…. I was away with the seagulls outside the window for a little bit though…”

The young woman’s colleague is now said to fear for her mental state, this after he turned around to find nothing but blue sky outside the window. Meanwhile, the young woman remains adamant that she did see a pair of seagulls but thatcher subsequently flew away before her colleague had a chance to look.


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