Massive Search Launched For Missing Excel-Column

Reports reached us earlier today of a massive search being launched in an unknown office building in Dorset. This after an Excel-column had reportedly gone missing!

Witnesses on site claim that about around 10 people took part in the search for the missing column – which we will hereby refer to as ‘A’ – trying to coax it out of hiding with a regular ‘highlight-right click-in hide’-procedure. However, A was nowhere to be seen!

After half an hour of searching and endless faffing about, expert help is reported to have arrived on the scene in the form of one of the buildings most well-known brainiacs. “The second I saw him, I just KNEW he’d sort it out! He really is as clever as they come!” One of the young women said, unable to hide her excitement. 

According to witnesses, said brainiac only spent a total of two minutes by the desk and, by the time he left, A had once again graced everyone with its presence. “Turns out we were trying to coax him out of hiding but the poor thing couldn’t move… Because we’d frozen the whole sheet! Thank goodness for Mr.Brainiac-Shy-Guy-Clever-Pants! If it hadn’t been for him, poor little A would still be hiding in the cold, unable to move.”


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