“Foreplay Interrupted”

 News just in from Number 28 claim that foreplay has been brutally interrupted this evening.

Having been chased around the house by her boyfriend, the daughter of the house is said to eventually have locked herself in the bathroom to take a shower. “I heard her go in and lock the door and heard him come up and try the door but didn’t really think anything of it.” the young female lodger said. “When I headed out of my bedroom, onto the landing, to go to the lounge, I was surprised to find he was still there….stroking the door, asking to come in!” According to witnesses, the young man was shocked to see the lodger and immediately adopted a skincolour of bright red before starting off down the stairs exclaiming “Oh dear… that was embarrassing!”. After the incident, the only comment heard from the young woman in-between her fits of giggles was “OMG! That was hilarious!”

The young woman claims the interruption was unintentional – a mere accident. Sources close to the young woman, however, claim not to be so sure. This as the young woman is said to have been particularly frustrated this week.


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