Lace(panty)rdome – The Unexpected Revenge Of The Lace Panties!

A certain young woman is said to have fallen victim to the wrath of her own lace panties during the course of this fine bank holiday Monday.

The panties are said to have taken their revenge during a two-hour-walk that the young woman reportedly dragged them along to.  About an hour in to said walk, witnesses claim that the young woman started to complain about a certain sharpness on her thigh, just below her ‘crotchular area’. However, reluctant to adjust her panties out in public, the young woman reportedly powered through the discomfort and managed to finish her walk. “I probably looked like I’d shat myself for the last half hour though! Thankfully, I don’t think anyone saw me!” she said, skipping up the stairs, heading for the shower. This was just seconds before witnesses are said to have heard screams of pain coming from the shower. Upon investigation, sources close to the young woman were able to confirm that the screams had been caused by the mixture of hot water and the ‘panty induced’ blisters on the young woman’s thighs!

At this time, it is believed that the young woman is recovering from this trauma in the bosom of her armchair, with noodles and a glass of wine. Meanwhile, the panties have released a statement in an attempt to defend their actions: “We did not, in a any way, enjoy causing our ‘mistress’ harm. We merely wish to be worn and be pretty…We never agreed to a workout…Well… at least not any form of BORING physical activity (that causes ONLY pain and no…’GAIN’…)!”


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