When A Well-Timed Text Makes All The Difference…

I thought the upcoming weekend would be the answer to my prayers in terms of improving my mood after this, extremely long, 4-day week. But, to my surprise, all it took was a text….

… And even though it was just a one-liner asking how I was, it made my day – boy, was that a shocker?! It’s like it suddenly dawned on me just how much I’ve missed the person and it really surprised me. The memories of all h etchings we used to do together came back to me – how much we used to laugh, the banter, how there seemed to be a ‘no bullshit’-zone around us whenever we were together….

Isn’t it funny how you can suddenly realize that someone had a waaay bigger impact on you than you initially thought? I mean, in my case it took nearly a year and a well-timed text… And it made all the difference…



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