‘The Yes-Woman’

So… I have decided to become a YES-Woman! No – I don’t mean when it comes to letting people ‘take advantage of my good nature’ and ‘walk all over me’.

The truth is, I’ve kind of ‘isolated’ myself recently. After working all day, Monday-Friday, I’ve gone home, been really tired and ‘done nothing’… And, guess what? I’ve kind of liked it!  I’ve become stuck, and comfortable, in my comfort zone.

Where this ‘comfyness’ -i.e. backing out of opportunities and challenges has gotten/is getting me? Absolutely NOWHERE! So I’ve decided that it’s time to get back on track and say YES to things that can make me develop and grow.

As it’s summertime, Ive decided to ‘start small’ and work my way up, saying:

YES to spontaneous night out with friends!

YES to unexpected dates!

YES to taking a leap of faith and finally do something I’ve been putting off for months just to ‘try my wings!

YES to challenging myself!

YES to ‘doing’ instead of ‘over thinking’!

Like one of my favorite childhood heroines, Ronja Rövardotter (Ronia The Robber’s Daughter) used to say (or shout in the forrest!): “Hit med lite farligheter! Det är på tiden!” (Loosely translated as “Bring on some ‘dangers’! It’s about time!”).

It’s summertime, I’m single, unattached and, if I may say so, IN MY PRIME! Possibilities are endless! What have I got to lose…?



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