Shoe-Fiasco @ Number 28

The latest new just in from Number 28 on this fine Monday morning, report of a rather spectacular shoe-fiasco.

The incident reportedly occured as a certain young woman was rushing off to try and catch the bus for work. Having wobbled, in a less than graceful menner, down the stairs, from teh secodn floor to the ground floor, it is said to have dawned on said young woman that she had a problem. “Turns out the ‘pair of shoes’ I had grabbed was, in fact, ‘two halves’ of two different pairs of identical shoes…! I’d essentially grabbed two ‘right feet’!” the young woman said, looking slightly fed up. Her expression changed from ‘fed up’ to slightly embarrassed as she confessed “… For a split second I was just stood there… casually considering whether I could possibly get away with walking around with two right feet all day…”.

Luckily, according to witnesses, the young woman rapidly came to her senses when a whiff of the (disgusting) bin-bag she was holding reached her nose.  She reportedly scurried up the stairs and back down again, just in time for the son of the house to turn around and shout “Take two!” in an attempt to ‘liven up’ teh fiasco. “He did make me laugh at my hysteria, bless him…” the young woman said, in surprisingly good spirits, as she stumbled along to the bus stop.


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