Young Woman Gets Into Wine-Fueled (Hay Fever Induced) ‘Cackle’ With Seagull!

Just after 6PM this evening, a certain young woman is said to have gotten into a rather bizarre ‘argument’ with a seagull.

The incident is reported to have taken place in the young woman’s garden as she was enjoying a glass of wine in the sun after work. Just minutes after posting the picture below on social media, with the caption ‘#mykindofmeditation #afterwork #vino #lushlife #garden #heatwave2016 #summerintheuk #sundeck #lifeonasunlounger #lovingit’, the young woman claims to have been ‘verbally attacked’ by a by-flying seagull.

Ett foto publicerat av Agnes (@beingagnes) Jul 19, 2016 kl. 10:14 PDT


“So there I was…. ‘flaunting it’, in the privacy of my own garden, as you do when you’ve got embarrassing tan lines to get rid of… Then I heard this cackle! I looked up, and there it was – a seagull! flying back and forth between the the roof and a nearby tree.” Things are said to have rapidly escalated after this point an, according to witnesses, it wasn’t until the young woman told the creature to “f*** off!” that said creature actually decided to ‘do one’ and retreat to other surroundings.


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