Stupid S*** I Do & Why NOW Is The Best Time EVER To Be A GoofBall!

Celebrating this week by ‘recycling’ a ‘Weekly Issue’ 😉


I know this isn’t really news but every thought about how many memes there are out there that are absolutely spot on? I have! And these are pretty spot on when it comes to describing me:

“When HE finally calls..” …Or texts by all means – I’m not fussy 😉

“When you’re out and see that guy who always messages you…” I’m not sure I’d do this ANYMORE…But I definitely have..

“Me trying to flirt..”.. I’m notoriously bad at flirting…at least intentionally…

“When a girl doesn’t get what she wants..” .. I have a feeling I definitely look like this when I don’t get my way – I want what I want when I want it! (Even if I sometimes pretend I don’t) 😉

“When you lose your mates in the club but kill it on your own..”.. This doesn’t even have to be in the club..I can…

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