Young Woman Viciously ‘Attacked’ By Cold Posing As Hay Fever!  

After two weeks of feeling increasingly drowsy and all around ‘meh’, witnesses claim that a certain young woman has finally had an epiphany – “It’s not hay fever! It’s a bloody cold!”

Scientists claim this is an easy mistake to make this time of year, when heatwaves are upon us, however, the young woman is said to be distraught. “Yes, hay fever is annoying too, but at least I can take a pill, try to stay indoors and be done with it… This is like ‘sniffle central’ 24/7! I can’t believe it snuck up on me like that! I feel violated!”.

Though the young woman is convinced of her ‘diagnosis’ there are still those who believe she may still only be suffering from hay fever… That has travelled to her head, causing her to feel sorry for herself!


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