The Faces I Hide Behind


So… This whole thing about selfies… Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind them – some people even pull them off… (Some just don’t look like themselves at all)… But what about those of us who aren’t really that “into” seeing our own snouts in pics and posting them for everyone to see?

Like I’ve said before, I’m probably more confident now than I’ve ever been in my life BUT the second someone pulls out a camera… I still struggle to just “be me”…

9 Of My Photo Faces

#1: “Lame-Ass-Kissy-Face”

#2: “Attempt-At-Being-‘Normal’-But-Somewhat-Awkward”

#3: “Smile-With-A-Hint-Of-Psycho”

#4: “Fish-Face”

#5: “Evil-Rat-About-To-Sneeze”

#6: “Tongue-Monster #1”

#7: “Tongue-Monster #2”

#8: “Psycho/I’m-Gonna-Kill-You”

#9: “Half-Ass-Kissy-Face”

As you can see, even though some of them are remotely “normal” there is an awkwardness that is ever present. I don’t know why being me is so difficult… I’ve ALWAYS dreaded school photos and any kind of photography (passport, license…

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