Pathetically ‘Crippled’ By Technology

Oh technology… I rely on you so much more than I would like to… Until you f*** up… and f*** me over in he process!

I had to laugh at myself a couple of mornings ago when panic erupted in my brain as my iPhone decided it needed an ‘update’ as I was leaving the house. 

One of my colleagues was picking me up but I couldn’t text her to let her know I was going to be late as my phone was updating… Nor could I turn my mobile data on to carry on with the update as I left the house (and hearing about other people’s phones going funny from interrupting updates, I didn’t want to risk just leaving/breaking the internet connection)  – I was stuck! Nervously skipping around in a state of frantic stress – probably looking like I needed a wee,  or like Mr Bean in that clip when he’s overslept – (running from one side of the room to the other, flapping my arms around) I got ready to run out the door the second the update was completed. And I waited… And waited… And waited… Until it was finished and I ran out the door…. ten minutes late…



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