Young Woman Swaps Heels, Wire Bras & Make Up For A Week Of Flipflops, ‘Wireless’ & ‘Nakedness’… 

The latest news this morning report that our dear young woman has finally set off on a long awaited road trip, leaving all ‘comforts’ at home… 

“Well, maybe not ALL. I’ll still have my phone… But NO make up… I’m gutted that I forgot my razor though.” The young woman says, looking a bit concerned, wobbling down the street with her four bags. “I mean, I don’t mind looking like a slob for a week – I think it could do me good! – but, I’d prefer not to be a furry one. I mean, as we’ll be camping, I really don’t wanna run the risk of being confused with Yogi Bear!” Even though we believe this to be an exaggeration on the young woman’s part (as she will only be gone for a week), we can only speculate as to the nature of her hair-growth….


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