Travel Journal Of A (First-Time-)Road-Tripper #RoadTrip2016: Day TWO

Time for the second part of this eight-part series. Just like yesterday, you will be able to read the young woman’s account of the road trip below, along with some pictures from the sights. Any destinations/sites will be hyperlinked in order to make it easier for you to look them up, should you wish to do so. The young woman has also agreed to share an evaluation of the sites & campsite – this can be found after her account, at the bottom of this page. 

We’d agreed to try and get up early and head off to the Cotswolds. There was hope as, after a good nights sleep, we woke up around 6AM. However, as we could hear rain against the roof of the tent, we went back to sleep… For another TWO hours!!! After some freshening up and the rain still spitting down, we managed to pack everything up and throw ‘Michael’ (as we named the tent) in the boot.

Merrily driving up to the Cotswolds, it dawned on us after a couple of hours that we must’ve taken a wrong turn. Looking up our location on Google maps, it turned out to be a bit worse than we’d first thought. See, we discovered that we’d missed it – we’d literally driven past the Cotswolds!!! After a couple of minutes of surprise and annoyance, we came up with a new plan over a cup of tea.

We reluctantly decided to ‘backtrack’, having found a campsite back in the Cotswolds, and found ourselves at Folly Farm before too long. The name screamed ‘hippie’ to me in a way that was kind of brilliant. Surrounded by fields and farm animals, the showers and toilets were located in a massive shed. Once we had ‘erected’ Michael, we set of on a quest to find a shop to get some food. Now, I’m sure it won’t come as a surprise to some when I tell you that we found a pub instead… However, after a well needed drink and getting a bit lost (for a second time), we eventually found a shop to get some food and a bbq (and also what would be the only vegetables my body would see in a week!).

Back at the campsite, we decided to check out our surroundings before dinner. Seeing as the site was surrounded by fields, I was surprised to find there was actually a lot to see – we’d definitely picked a beautiful place! I tried making fiends with some sheep, but they weren’t at all interested in joining me in a selfie – If anything, their faces told me to ‘jog on’ so I did…. For another twenty minutes or so… Before I realised how ‘thirsty’ I was for another cider….! After dinner, and the ‘nerve wrecking’ experience of watching a ‘nail biting’ football game between some of the kids on the site, we ended up spending most of the evening in the campsite’s Activity room (another shed) charging phones, reading up on 2-3- year old goss in the ancient tabloids laying around.



Weather: Another EPIC day, albeit a bit windy!

The Cotswolds: I can’t say I’d heard a lot about the Cotswolds before our trip. But it’s definitely a beautiful place and I hope to go back there some day. I did feel a bit ‘underdressed’ in the pub we went to, but think that was more about me. The people were actually really friendly.

The Campsite (Folly Farm): This campsite was lovely! I would like to say ‘quiet’ but there were a lot of families with kids there when we were there. The location was great, but I think you would struggle to get there without a car. The toilets and showers were OK, but a bit ‘rustic’ – them being in a shed and all. However, the activity room/shed made up for that as you were able to store food in the fridges, charge your phones and also buy coffee for £1/cup. There were also loads of leaflets of things to do and information about busses and places near by to eat. For £16, I would definitely say it was a good site, as it was bigger than the one we stayed at the first night.


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