Travel Journal Of A (First-Time-)Road-Tripper #RoadTrip2016: Day THREE

Ready for Day 3? Thought as much! As per usual (if it can be called ‘usual’ after 3 days) you will be able to read the young woman’s account of the road trip below. She has also shared some pictures from the sights. Any destinations/sites will be hyperlinked in order to make it easier for you to look them up, should you wish to do so. You will find an evaluation of the sites & campsite at the bottom of the page. 

Day three meant an early start for me. I left my friend sleeping as he’d been up a few times during the night. It suited me just fine though as I could take my time, have a shower, get ready, have a coffee (or two), and research activities in the Peak District before we headed off. I found an activity we both liked so off we went… To The Heights Of Abraham.


After a two hour drive, we found ourselves walking through the little town of Matlock Bath – a cozy little place in itself – just before lunchtime, in search of the cable car station. Before we knew it, we were in a cable car, on our way up to the top of the ‘peak’. As we got up, the views were spectacular!

Once we had recovered from our fascination, we proceeded to the queue for the cave tour. There must’ve been at least thirty off us, yet the only even remotely good looking one, was the tour guide… (What a disgrace!)

Having taken in the views and some ice cream, getting a well needed rest after climbing the 80 steep steps to get out of the cave, we took the mandatory selfies (surely, it’s a rule to get at least one in each location?), we headed back down to Matlock Bath for lunch in one of the many fish and chips shops.

For the night, we ended up finding a campsite a couple of miles away. It was big and cozy with lots of families and kids. We sat outside for a while as the sun was still out, but ended up having to wrap ourselves in blankets and eventually snuggle up in the tent and read, in order to get warm. Approaching 10PM, the weather gods appeared to be on our side – no, it didn’t get warmer… It started to rain! Which meant that the family with the kids who’d been noisy all night had to stop playing games outside our tent. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for kids having fun – especially when it’s their summer holiday. But, when it’s getting late, and they have a whole pitch to themselves, why should I have to sacrifice well needed sleep to listen to them (#bitteroldladywarning)?



Weather: Still nice but a bit nippy!

Matlock Bath: A super-cozy little town! I definitely want to go back but I’m not sure I could ever live there.

The Heights Of Abraham: this was definitely one of those things I was not expecting to do on this trip. Not once would I have thought I’d be going up a mountain (ok so technically it’s a hill!) in a cable car and taking a tour of a cave (thank God I brought my trainers!)! Just the trip up and the view itself was worth the £15 for me. The tour and the ‘exercise’ was just a bonus! We didn’t even get round to climbing the tower that was there.

The Campsite (Packhorse Farm): Another cheap campsite that was worth the price. It was in a lovely location and it was quite big. As with the previous site there were lots of families with kids around due to school holidays – so definitely not the place to go if you wand peace and quiet – I do, however, believe they had some ‘adults only’ pitches as well. The facilities were the BEST – nice and clean – and the fact that the heating was on was a real lifesaver as the temperature really dropped over night.


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