Travel Journal Of A (First-Time-)Road-Tripper #RoadTrip2016: Day FOUR 

Day four – halfway through the young woman’s trip. As usual, you will be able to read her account of the road trip below, as well as see pictures of the sights. Any destinations/sites will be hyperlinked in order to make it easier for you to look them up, should you wish to do so. An evaluation of the sites & campsite – can be found at the bottom of this page. 

Another early morning, and I’ve never been more grateful for heated facilities! It was absolutely freezing! At this point I actually started to get worried – I was freezing my bum off already and we were heading even further north! Today’s destination was meant to be the Lake District after all. To our delight we finally managed to find a McDonalds for a steady (I’m sure VERY unhealthy) breakfast, on our way…

Once we’d entered the Lake District, it still took us a good half hour to see our first lake – we nearly lost our patience at one point! Eventually we stopped at lake Windermere. Such a pretty place! It was windy and there had been a few showers but, even so, we decided to go on a 45-minute cruise on the lake. Can’t say I’ve been that cold in a while, but it was well worth it!

After beautiful Windermere, we headed off to Keswick – it had started raining at this point so we figured we might as well drive. We headed to the local Costa for lunch as we needed wifi, and after that we decided to find a campsite. We’d made it all the way back to the car when we realised neither of us had any data on our phones – correction, we DID, it just wasn’t working! For a brief moment, we both thought we were well and truly screwed! Sad really, but there we are… Anyway, eventually my friend remembered the postcode of a campsite he’d contemplated earlier, so we ended up heading there as we didn’t have a choice.


We ended up paying over £20/night, as it was a holiday park – not ideal but what else could we do? Any feelings of doubt, however, vanished as we headed to the pitch and saw the view. It was absolutely stunning! It almost made up for the fact that the wifi was crap ;). Upon exploring the nearby area – after a dinner we’d actually managed to cook with a new gas cooker!) we found a cozy pub on the campsite right next to ours. We liked it so much we ended up staying till closing time before heading back.



The Lake District: Super pretty. In a way, it actually reminded me of home (Sweden), green and cozy!

Windermere: I fell in love with that little lake and town. I definitely want to go back there someday!

The Cruise: The tickets cost £8 each. And even though it was windy and chance of rain, it was well worth the 45-minute journey. We choose to sit outside to see more, but there were seats available inside as well. It’s worth looking out what different cruises there are though as there seemed to be quite a few options. We went for the blue cruise simply because it was the first one we saw.

Keswick: Another cozy little place but I didn’t like it as much as Windermere- possibly because it was raining!

The Campsite (Castlerigg Hall Campsite): A cosy campsite at the top of a hill. The view was stunning and the facilities were great. They even had a shop where you could get essential foods and souvenirs. The restaurant was tiny and the wifi a bit temperamental but then again, these were not essential things to any camping experience.

The Hayloft Cafe Bar & Bistro: really cozy, albeit a bit small. Less than five minutes away from our campsite. One drawback was that the road was very badly lit on the way back when it was dark.


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