Young Woman ‘Appalled’ At ‘Perverted Youths’! 

An incident is reported to have taken place at a local coffee shop this afternoon, causing a young woman to nearly blow something way out of proportion (yet again!).

Sat at a table, ‘minding her own business’ (I.e. Watching all the weird strangers around her – being all around nosy), the young woman is said to have been horrified as she caught sight of a ‘young man’ (younger than herself!) seemingly ‘touching himself’. 

“Now, there isn’t a lot that can surprise me anymore. But, surely there’s a time and a place?! I mean, in the middle of a coffee shop?! In the afternoon?! I wouldn’t have blinked twice if it had been in a nightclub!”. It was only after a few moments that the young woman realised that the young man was, in fact, looking for something in his pocket! Trying to defend her ‘assumption’ the young woman said “Well… That smile on his face said something else!”.

After the incident, the young woman is said to be contemplating seeking help in order to enable her to keep her nose to herself and out of other people’s business!


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