Travel Journal Of A (First-Time-)Road-Tripper #RoadTrip2016: Day SIX

So we’ve made it to day 6. The young woman’s account of the road trip along pictures from the sights can be found below. As usual, any destinations/sites will be hyperlinked in order to make it easier for you to look them up, should you wish to do so. An evaluation of the sites & campsite will follow at the bottom of this page. 

Day six! Having gone to bed early the night before, I’d actually managed to get just over ten hours sleep by the time I woke up – it’s funny how travelling just sucks energy out of you! It was still raining and showed no sign of letting up. As we had to leave, I decided to whack my wellies on and channel the ‘hobo-chic’-look to get the tent down without looking like a drowned rat.

We crossed the English border again less than half an hour into our journey – a definite goal-post as we were headed to York. The weather improved slightly en route as the rain stopped, however, by the time we reached York, it was still cloudy. Starting to run out of money at this point, we decided to go for a ‘cheap’ activity, and visit Clifford’s Tower.

After a brief visit to the tower we went for a wander around York. First to the museum gardens, and then through the cozy little streets until we found a restaurant to have some lunch. The drive and the walk had pretty much taken it out off us at this point, so we decided to find a campsite and chill for the rest of the day.

Finding yet another farm, we spent the rest of the afternoon zipping wine, wrapped up in blankets in the camping chairs outside our tent, before making dinner and heading to a pub that was only 5 minutes away. To our delight, they had sockets so we were able to charge both out phones (… I think we were both getting sick of ‘fighting’ for charge time in the car at this point) and so one rosé spritzer (for me) turned into four (oooops!) before we finally headed back to the campsite in the dark.



Clifford’s Tower: I was a teeny weeny bit disappointed. It wasn’t really that big – I think we’d seen it all in like 5 minutes! The view was ok though. I suppose you could argue that you can’t really expect that much for £5…

York: Such a cozy, ‘old fashioned’ town. I could’ve walked around the little streets all day – had it not been for the ever changing heat (I was hot one minute, freezing the next – which was obviously down to me and not the town itself) and all the people.

The Museum Gardens: Even if you don’t end up going into the museum, I would definitely recommend the gardens – so pretty! In the middle of it all, there’s this Tudor-style building and, on the day we were there, a couple was actually getting married there! (I can definitely see myself knicking that idea in the future… IF I ever find someone mad enough to marry me!)

The Campsite (Moor End Farm): A nice little farm, just a 20-minute drive outside York. It was nice and quiet and well worth the £16 for the night. The facilities were definitely satisfactory and, talking to some of the other guests, they appeared to have been going back there for years – saying that the owner and his wife were really nice.

The Ship Inn (Pub): The pub was super cozy and, even though there were a lot of locals there, I felt so welcome. The whole place had a really warm atmosphere about it.


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