Travel Journal Of A (First-Time-)Road-Tripper #RoadTrip2016: Day SEVEN

We’ve almost reached the end of this eight-part series! Below, you will be able to read the young woman’s account about Day 7 and see some  of the pictures she took while ‘gallivanting’ in Cambridge. As usual, sites and destinations will be hyperlinked and the usual evaluation will follow at the bottom of the page. 

And from York, off we headed to Cambridge! It was an amazing day weather wise, so we ended up just strolling around, having lunch in the park and people watching.

As this was towards the end of the trip and we were both relatively knackered, when finding a campsite for under £28 without a minimum stay of two nights (it was Friday at this point!), we quickly gave up. We decided to cut the trip a bit short and drive straight down to Hastings, to spend the night at my friends parents house. Meeting a friend of his on the way, we got there right after dinner time, ordered take-away, watched TV and that was it for the day really….



Weather: I cannot say anything bad about the weather – it really was like a dream!

Cambridge: In some ways it was just what I expected, in some ways not – I couldn’t pinpoint why though. I do wish we’d have had more energy AND money by the time we got there, as I think we probably would’ve made more of an effort to do something but that’s entirely our fault. I’m definitely going back at some point!


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