Travel Journal Of A (First-Time-)Road-Tripper #RoadTrip2016: Day EIGHT

Having finally reached the end of this eight-part-series, we are sure you know the drill by now! If you are feeling a bit sad and anxious about this being ‘The End’, never fear! The young woman has agreed to come back again tomorrow with an evaluation of the whole experience. Until then, enjoy her account of Day 8 below.

The final day of the trip! It was so weird..  In some ways it felt like the day came around so fast but at the same time it felt like we’d been gone for ages. As we found ourselves on my friends ‘home turf’ (Hastings), he took me out to see his favourite parts of Hastings.

We went to the old part of town, looked at some quirky shops and sat down for a coffee outside this quirky, supercozy cafe (with lots of pervy books on display.

After that we took the cable cars/ trams (or whatever they’re called) up on the cliffs and went for a walk… Well, I suppose it could more accurately be described as ‘trekking’ through the ‘hidden jungles of Hastings‘ actually! See, the ‘official’ footpath was closed, so we had to take an ‘alternative route’… Which was extremely uneven, jumping over rocks and clinging onto branches. Even though I was wearing flip flops, it was perfectly fine and kind of fun as long as it was downhill. But then came the climb up some murderous steps! I was relieved when we got to the top… Until my friend said we’d have to go back the same way! To say I was fuming is an understatement! The heat and the fact that I was hungry REALLY didn’t help!

Luckily, no one was injured during this ‘episode’ of ‘I’m Just A Tourist In Flip Flops – Get Me Out Of Here!’. My friend swiftly dragged me to a fish & chip shop to get us some lunch before heading to the beach to eat it – accompanied by the greediest seagulls I’ve ever encountered! After lunch, we headed back to my friends parents house to watch a movie. Then, after a delicious roast dinner, it was finally time for us to head home and for our adventure to come to an end…



Hastings: I absolutely loved the old town! It was so cozy, with quirky little shops and cafes that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. The view from the cliffs was absolutely stunning and the beach was amazing.

Weather: Once again, the weather was amazing, albeit a bit windy – it was definitely a welcome breeze though!

Hanushka Coffee House: This was the cafe we went to in the old town that I fell in love with! The walls are covered in bookcases and the only window, apart from the ones at the front, was a skylight over the tills. There was literally books everywhere, but still light, spacious and cozy. In just say, the books we discovered in the window as we sat outside really added to the experience as they really made us giggle.


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