My Love/Hate Relationship With Summer 

So, today, my relationship with summer was as good as it’s ever been. I was sat outside the Picnic Park Deli in Bournemouth which has turned into my favourite hang out this summer. I was sat in the shade with my latte, looking at the epic view listening to the live performance and just loving life! However, earlier on today, it had been a totally different story… 
I got out of bed, saw the sun and I wanted to cry! Why? Because I knew that the day I’d planned to have inside cleaning and doing nothing was, effectively, ‘shot to s***’. People will probably hate me for this but, as much as I love summer and appreciate that we’ve had a good one, I’ve almost had enough now. It’s like the heat’s finally getting to me and I feel like a constant blob of sweat! In addition to that, I’m a constant mess as I keep thinking about tan lines… I need a vacation from this! Just for a couple of weeks though… Then the nice weather is more than welcome to come back for my birthday, mid-September… 😉 


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