Funny Noise Causes Dress-Rippage-Scare!

A certain young woman is said to have fallen victim to a scare of yet another ‘fashion faux pas’ this afternoon.
The news comes after the young woman reportedly sat down on her chair, just a bit too quickly, causing her dress to make a sudden noise! “I looked around in horror to see if anyone had noticed. Luckily I was not met by any curious faces wondering what the rip/fart-noise was!” When asked about the current state of her dress, the young woman said “I don’t know… I haven’t dared to get out of my seat yet!”.
Updates will follow once the matter had been investigated further!

UPDATE: Half an hour after the incident, we are able to report that the young woman’s dress appears to be intact. Investigators are still looking into the real cause of the noise, and have been spotted looking at garments surrounding the dress. 


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